Further Resources 

Events, Panel Discussions & Videos

Death By Coercion: a panel on the impacts of changes to medical assistance in dying on Black Queer Sick and Poor communities, with Featuring @ALYSM745 (anonymous MAiD applicant), Ameil Joseph, Syrus Marcus Ware, and Trudo Lemmens.  

Gabrielle Peters' testimony before the Senate on February 3rd (YouTube)

Dr. Naheed Dosani’s testimony before the Senate on February 3rd (YouTube)

Senator Marilou McPhedran’s speech and proposed amendment on February 11 (YouTube)


DJNO Co-Founder speaks against Bill-C7, changes to MAiD, on Canada Today, embedded YouTube video

Marginalized communities concerned about changes to assisted-dying laws, Adrian Ghobrial, CityNews Toronto, featuring Sarah Jama (Disability Justice Network of Ontario) and River Holland-Valade (video and online article)


Articles, Op-Eds & Interviews

Legislators who want to make medically assisted dying easier for persons with disabilities don’t know the lived realities of disability, Sarah Jama, Quoi Media (online article)


‘Dehumanizing’: People With Disabilities Say They’ve Been Ignored in Bill C-7 Assisted Dying Debate, PressProgress (online article)

Taking MAiD way too far, Gabrielle Peters, Macleans (online article)

The Right to Die is Coercive Without Giving the Right to Live, Nora Loreto, Passage (online article)

Canada’s Newest and Deadliest Human Right: Assisted Suicide for All, Lynne Cohen, C2C Journal (online article)

Death on demand: has euthanasia gone too far?, Christopher de Bellaigue, The Guardian (online article)

Disability is not a reason to sanction medically assisted dying, Gerard Quinn, Olivier De Schutter, and Claudia Mahler, United Nations Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights (online article)

Assisted-death bill sends wrong message to Indigenous people, advocates say, Stephanie Levitz, CTV News (online article)

Canada’s proposed expansion of assisted-death threatens to push the mentally ill out the door, Andray Domise, The Globe and Mail (online article)

Hamilton man dies amid ‘disturbing’ living conditions at Niagara Falls home, says family,  Lisa Polewski, Global News (online article)

UN experts alarmed by trend toward assisted dying for non-terminal conditions, Joan Bryden, The National Post (online article)

Bill C-7, assisted dying, and "lives not worth living," Jonas-Sébastien Beaudry, Policy Options (online article)

Bill C-7 Shatters Illusions Regarding Canada’s Commitments to Persons with Disabilities,  Isabel Grant, Archie Kaiser, and Elizabeth Sheehy, National Newswatch (online article)

Stop telling people with disabilities they might be better off dead, Lisa Bendall, Toronto Star (online article) 

Canadian's views on Medical Assistance in Dying are complex, Ray Pennings and Angus Reid, Policy Options (online article)


Cold comfort to be offered the choice to die,’ November 19th interview with Catherine Frazee, with a counterargument from Senator Chantal Peticlerc on CBC’s The Current (audio, linked transcript, and online article available at this link.  Also available in The Current’s podcast feed (here is a link to the segment in apple podcasts)


The latest medical assistance in dying decision needs to be appealed: Here’s why, Trudo Lemmens and Laverne Jacobs, The Conversation (online article)

Dying for the Right to Live, Gabrielle Peters, Macleans (link to online article)

'We need a public outcry': B.C. father with ALS ends life after struggle to stay at home, Penny Daflos, BC CTV News (online article)

Chronically ill man releases audio of hospital staff offering assisted death, CTV News (online article)


Why the federal government should rethink its new medical assistance in dying law, CBC news (online article)


Catherine Frazee’s testimony for The House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights and her testimony for The Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs (Vimeo videos, with captions).  A written version of Catherine’s testimony for the House of Commons was published in The Globe and Mail (online article)


Progress against MAID, by Peter Stockland, Convivium, (online article).  Includes description of the similarities between MAID and eugenics (which was also considered progressive in its time) 


Medical assistance in dying, public confidence and the lesson of the driverless car, Catherine Frazee, Vulnerable Persons Standard (online article)

Voices From the Margins, by the Vulnerable Persons Standard.  A focused qualitative analysis of surveys submitted by a sampling of people with disabilities and their allies and loved ones (online PDF)

Statement on Bill C-7, an act to amend MAID, by Gabrielle Peters, mssinenomine blog (online article)

ARCH Disability Law Centre's Submission to the Senate on Bill C-7, (online letter)

Toward a More Robust Monitoring Regime for Medical Assistance in Dying, ARCH Disability Law Centre's submission to the Vulnerable Persons Standard (link to webpage with downloadable PDF and RTF options)

MAiD Gone Wrong: Disability Community Outraged By Bill C-7  Kurt Goddard and Natalia Hicks of Inclusion Canada, in the ARCH Disability Law Centre Newsletter (online article)

Ten Cases of Concern, compiled by Catherine Frazee (online PDF)

Bill C-7 Through a Disability Lens, Inclusion Canada (online PDF)

Safeguards in Medical Assistance in Dying, Inclusion Canada (webpage with links to PDFs)

Letters & Resources for Taking Action

Dignity Denied a website with resources, FAQs, and stats on disability in Canada

MAID to MAD: Physicians against MAID

Kill Bill C-7 Toolkit, from The Disability Student Law Society of Windsor (google doc)

Letters & Written Testimony ("briefs") on the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs website. 

Letter by Stephanie Marinich-Lee, shared with the Independent Senators Group (online PDF)

Letter by Erin Clark to Senator Chantal Petitclerc (online PDF)

Open Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau--English version, from Inclusion Canada, downloadable .docx format (please contact Natalia Hicks to sign the letter: nhicks@inclusioncanada.ca)

Open Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau--French version, from Inclusion Canada, downloadable .docx format  (please contact Natalia Hicks to sign the letter: nhicks@inclusioncanada.ca)

Cover Letter for circulating Inclusion Canada's Open Letter--English version, downloadable .docx 

Resources for meeting with your MP, Campaign to stop Bill C7, Inclusion Canada (links to PDF documents and videos) (*please note, this website is best viewed on a computer).

Take Action:  Help Stop Bill C7, Inclusion Canada, Lives of Dignity (webpage with links to PDFs on engaging with media, reaching out to representatives, social media, etc)

Ten Cases of Concern, compiled by Catherine Frazee (online PDF)

Why Us? by Project Value (Facebook page)

Social Media

Disability Justice Network of Ontario @DJNOntario

BC Aboriginal Network on Disability Society @BCANDS1

Inclusion Canada @InclusionCA

Sarah Jama @SarahJama_

Gabrielle Peters @mssinenomine


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